Android SDK 24.4.1 Latest Version Free Download

Android SDK 24.4.1


The Android SDK 24.4.1 allows cell software builders the probability after tinkering including the podium or gender current or excellent work. The package incorporates the whole thing thou necessity to start building apps.

The Android SDK 24.4.1 additionally comes along an emulated digital device up to expectation is utterly purposeful after letting thou take a look at outdoors your work.

The emulator is convenient in imitation of employ over yet run, yet at that place is a choice over telephone skins and resolutions in imitation of move around along too.

The downside is as if you want after install software program of the emulator, such is not convenient for novice users. There is, however, loads of documentation online after assisting of the usage of the Android SDK 24.4.1.

The Android SDK 24.4.1 includes:

  • An emulator.
  • Required libraries.
  • Debugger.
  • Sample source code.
  • Tutorials because of the Android OS.
  • Relevant documentation because of the Android application software interfaces (APIs).

Overall, the Android SDK 24.4.1 will deliver yea quick and reliable development environment because of you according to action with. The app is a complete improvement kit or the bundled emulator is Skinnable too. The drawback is that that perform stand a younger tricky in accordance with operating because of novice users.

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