Password Manager XP 3.3.721

By CP-Lab  (Commercial Trial)


Password Manager XP is a reachable tiny device so much lets ye propagate secure, encrypted databases in conformity with store facts in. Each database is able to stay fond an get entry to password and is encrypted along quite a number of algorithms simultaneously.

In addition after database creation, ye execute also designate the level of encryption in accordance with protecting your database. You are able in accordance with configuring sure parameters too, because of the instance you may pick out concurrent makeup access, be aware of facts kind order, or discard international automatic bond stoppage etc. Password Manager XP additionally approves you according to set a personalized backup alternative so well.

Password Manager XP helps the following algorithms:

  • stability Encryption algorithm: 3DES, Blowfish, Cast128, RC4, Rijndael (new AES), Serpent, Tea, Twofish.
  • longevity durability Hash algorithm chronic in accordance with grow encryption key: SHA, SHA-384, MD5, SHA-512, SHA-256, SHA-256, MD5, SHA-256.
  • longevity stability durability Encryption resolution length: one hundred sixty bit, 384 bit, 128 bit, 512 bit, 256 bit, 256 bit,128 bit, 256 bit.

Password Manager XP has a grade consumer interface is fairly basic; incomplete menu or shortcut instructions at the pinnacle concerning the window. From here ye may beget or store databases, consign to them passwords or assimilate documents yet folders. Below it is the creeper menu, who do display every concerning the created databases. Once your database has been created, thou execute assimilate a new file by populating the ordinary exorcism fields, certain as title, username, account, URL, password etc.

Overall, Password Manager XP executes be navigated by way of whole users, due to the par interface. It has a short footmark or uses a small total on your provision resources. It additionally comes with a complete help file, which includes pointers yet snapshots in conformity with help you within action ye come stuck.


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