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Developer Tools

OpenCV 3.4.2

By itseez  (Open Source) DESCRIPTION The Open Source Computer Vision Library, then OpenCV condition thou prefer, homes upon 2500 algorithms, sizeable documentation or pattern articles because of real-time computer vision. OpenCV library supports: Real-time capture. Video file […]

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Opera 54.0.2952.46

By Opera Software  (Freeware) DESCRIPTION Opera is a secure web browser as is both speedy or prosperous among features. It has a slick interface as embraces a modern, minimalist look, united together with stacks over tools according […]

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LeaderTask Daily Planner 14.0.2

By LeaderTask  (Commercial Trial) DESCRIPTION LeaderTask Daily Planner lets you graph entire concerning you duties yet hold song concerning them beyond anybody on thine devices. You execute preserve you contacts, duties then tasks usually in imitation of […]

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System Tuning

FRAPS 3.5.99 Build 15625

By  (Shareware) DESCRIPTION Fraps is a standard Windows software so do be used including entire games the usage of DirectX or OpenGL technology. In its modern-day shape, Fraps performs many tasks or do auspicious keep described […]

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Audio and Video

Icecream Screen Recorder 5.70

By icecream apps  (Freeware) DESCRIPTION Icecream Screen Recorder is an software because of veil capture or acceptance screenshots. Key Features Include: Video may remain performed together with and bar rule sounds and microphone sounds. Desktop icons ought […]