Media Companion 3.711 BETA

By Media Companion Development Team  (Open Source)


Media Companion is a free, originate supply Movie/TV Show manager or organizer, which has completed integration together with KODI.

The app gathers media statistics out of the Internet yet integrates such of thine collection. This includes records on posters, plan summary, actors yet player images, yet ratings.

Media Companion is able to execute scan a listing containing you film documents then since compiling entire on the data it performs concerning thy collection. It is in a position in accordance with access a range regarding special online databases certain as like IMDB, TMDB, yet Yahoo! after packing the database with statistics respecting thine media collection.

Media Companion has stacks of beneficial tools, however by way of a long way the good is its integration along KODI. All over the data among the Media Companion database is shared together with KODI, as such is a DLNA-compliant media server. This skill that thou hold access in accordance with such via your portable devices, SmartTV yet thine gaming console.

Overall, Media Companion is a complete solution because of organizing your media. It is light-weight and, as soon as installed, is nearly totally automated, consequently, ye don’t have according to fear in relation to aspect also much.

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